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TAG's main aims are to provide co-ordinated and comprehensive advisory services to local and central government and its agencies and to provide a professional network for the development and dissemination of best practice.
Members of TAG are generally directors or departmental heads directly responsible to their councils for the provision of technical services. These officers have a variety of professional backgrounds including architecture, town planning, engineering, environmental health, leisure and housing.
Organisational Structure
Coverage of TAG
TAG has members from Local Government throughout the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, including members who have retired and still retain an interest in Local Government. All members are automatically members of the Regional Committee for their home location or their work location: these regional committees (12 no) are the powerhouse of TAG and they influence everything which TAG does. They send representatives (normally a minimum of 2 members but frequently more) to each of the standing committees (8 no) and they nominate officers for election to the key posts in the organisation. These regional representatives on the standing committees provide an essential link between the regional and functional work of TAG.
TAG Presidential Team and Officers
Leadership of TAG is provided by the Presidential Team
Normally the Vice President is elected at the AGM (in May) and progresses automatically to become Senior Vice President at the next AGM a year later, then President 2 years later. Past Presidents remain in the team for 2 years after their Presidency.
In addition to the Presidential Team, other officers appointed are the National Secretary, the Honorary Treasurer, the Seminar Manager, aand the Bulletin Editor/ Webmaster.
TAG Council
The policy-making body for TAG is the Council which is made up of the Presidential Team and Appointed Officers together with the Chairmen of all Regional and Standing Committees and one additional representative from each Regional Committee, normally the Secretary.